Learn more about the team that wants to bring High Level Line to life.


So how are we going to do it?

With three ingredients.


1. Connectivity

Think of how many people live, visit, and play in the areas along High Level Line. Walk, jog, rollerblade, cross-country ski, bike, or take the streetcar to where you want to go. Imagine enough space and a smart design that allows all modes, paces, ages and abilities to make connections along the Line.



2. Experience

There is no other place in the city like High Level Line. It provides a series of unique and interesting experiences—great heights, open spaces, underground refuges, forests, gardens, and historic reminders. It celebrates these wonderful places and connects them to endless possibilities in our neighbourhoods, university campuses and the river valley.



3. Activation

There’s more to do than just pass through. Didn’t bring a soccer ball or Frisbee to the park? Need a garden tool? Want to warm up with hot chocolate? Shop for some locally made goods? Track Shacks for all occasions and seasons can be rolled out along the Line. They could serve as little shops, cafes, and even theatre venues come Fringe time. They are constantly adapting to the needs of the neighbourhoods.



We're going to need some help.

This is something that can't happen overnight. And we definitely can't do this alone. It starts with small steps like conversations with the communities and owners along the line. We have some ideas for small pilot projects, but we want more and we'll need help to bring them to life. 

Tell us what you think about High Level Line and share your ideas with us!