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We want to make Edmonton even better.

This is an unsolicited proposal. A group of young professionals from architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, engineering and marketing created this vision because we love our city. We want Edmonton to reach its full potential. This thread throughout the middle of our city has the potential to transform how we experience this remarkable place. Let’s make it happen.



We've taken this very seriously.

First, we spent a year studying the area, looking at precedent from around the world, and imagining High Level Line in detail. We called on experts from outside of Edmonton. We sketched. And re-sketched. We walked the Line. We hopped on the streetcar (you should too!). We carefully thought about how High Level Line could change our city.

Next, we launched the idea to the rest of the city, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response. And now we're trying to make it real. We’ve formed a not for profit society (High Level Line Society). We’re advocating for the Line with community groups, residents, politicians, business owners, and anyone who will listen to us. And we’ll be calling on volunteers to help move the project forward, so please stay tuned to our social media channels.




What do you think? We want to know.

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