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High Level Line Recognized for National Design Excellence

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) announced the recipients of their national Awards of Excellence, and we couldn’t possibly be prouder to say that we are a recipient! High Level Line’s bold vision for a linear park connecting Edmonton is the only Alberta-based project to earn national recognition. The award is a testament to the powerful potential of the idea and a major hat tip to the professionalism of our unsolicited proposal. We’re very humbled.

High Level Line is one of 16 projects that are preeminent examples of Canadian landscape architecture. They illustrate the range of what landscape architects do and how landscape architects are helping to shape our communities—defining the places we want to live, work and play.

We’re pleased to say our project is recognized in the communication category. A bold vision, illustrated to resonate with a broad range of viewers and strategically delivered, now has the potential to become reality. And being recognized for a design award on a national level is further proof that this idea is truly compelling and worthy of support.

See all the winners of CSLA Awards of Excellence here.

About CSLA

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) is a professional organization with landscape architects, associate landscape architects, and students of landscape architecture as members represented by provincial and territorial associations. The CSLA accredits several academic landscape architecture programs across the nation.

Landscape architects today are engaged in the design, planning and management of urban, rural and natural environments in all Canadian provinces and territories and in many countries worldwide. Canadian landscape architects are well-regarded for their vision, creativity, sensitivity and practicality in all aspects of professional practice, creating unique functional outdoor spaces for our citizens, as well as protecting and enhancing the environment. The CSLA is the organization which gives landscape architects a national voice and, though its provincial component associations, regulates the profession of landscape architecture through licensing or certification of its members.

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