High Level Line Day - August 10 - Help!


If there’s any time of the year to explore the potential of High Level Line, it’s the summer.

So we’re circling a day in our calendar and asking for help from Edmontonians to bring High Level Line to life.

On August 10th, let’s activate High Level Line.

What does that mean? Well, consider this an open call to make it awesome. We have the streetcar reserved for High Level Line Day in the evening, which can shuttle people between active spots along the line (more details to come).

How can you help? Tell us! Possibilities for activation from the community:

  • Musicians - small performances along the line, buskers.

  • Theatre groups - intimate improv shows and other live performances.

  • Street performers - set up along the line and wait for your audience to fill your hat!

  • Lemonade stands - Hey, kids! Let’s get the world’s greatest lemonade crawl going.

  • Bike repair stations

  • History tours - We all want to learn more about the rich history of the corridor and river valley.

  • Urban design tours - We’re talking to you, all you Jane’s Walk hosts. It’s not May, but people love going for walks and talking about their city.

  • Lantern parade at dusk

  • Sidewalk chalk art - any artists? Kids… hopscotch competition?

  • Cycling and running ghost races on Strava - anyone know how to set these up?

What else? We want to know!

We will also need sponsors. This day can’t possibly come together without them, and we’d be so pleased if you have a company or personal pocketbook that can lend a generous hand.

Please send us a note with your idea, and include the time of day you’d like to do it. We’ll share the plans for the day as they start taking shape. For now, please let us know how you can help!

Email: highlevelline@gmail.com